2004 KM Music Festival –  Best Newcomer
Seoul Music Awards – Best Newcomer
SBS Music Awards – Best Newcomer
MBC Entertainment Awards – Special Singer Award
MBC Best 10 Singers Music Festival – Best Newcomer [All awards to Because you’re my woman]

2006 KM Music Festival – Ballad Excellence Award (Words that are hard to say)
Korea Best Dresser Awards – Singer Award
SBS Music Awards – Bonsang Award  (Words that are hard to say)

2007 KM Music Festival – Best Male Solo Artist (White Lie)

Korea Entertainment Arts Awards – Best Male Singer (Ballad)
KBS Entertainment Awards – Popularity Award (1N2D)

2009 20’s Choice Awards – Hot Drama Star (Male-Brilliant Legacy)
Korea Advertiser Awards – Advertiser of the Year
Golden Disk Awards – Digital Single Bonsang Award (Will you marry me?)
SBS Entertainment Awards – Netizen Best Popularity Award
SBS Drama Awards – Young People’s Star Award ,Best Couple Award ,Special Program Acting Award

SBS Review of Programs (Jul-Dec 2009) – TV Division MC Special Award from Kang Shim Jang
46th Paeksang Arts Awards-Male Popularity Award (Television)
5th Seoul International Drama Awards-Popularity award for best actor
Korea Advertiser Awards – Advertiser of the Year
25th Golden Disk Awards – Digital Bonsang  (Love Taughe Me To Drink)
2010 Melon Music Awards – Top 10, OST Award (Losing My Mind-MGIG OST)
2010 KBS Entertainment Awards – Best Excellence MC Awards -1N2D
2010 SBS Entertainment Awards – Netizen Popularity Awards,Best Excellence MC Awards -Strong Heart
2010 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Star Award,Best Couple Awards,Drama Special-Actor Awards – My girlfriend is a Gumiho

2011 Hallyu Honorary Awards [Drama Section]

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