11.09.13 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

Someone posted on dclsg earlier that SeungGi was in Wolgok-dong of Seoul today.

Is SeungGi working during the Chuseok holiday again?

Lee Su Geun becomes 1N2D’s main MC

I’m not sure who’s behind this press release, KBS or Lee Su Geun’s agency, but there are already 3 articles that are awfully similar.

It basically says now that HoDong has temporarily retired, and 1N2D is continuing on with the 5 remaining members, Lee Su Geun has emerged as the main MC for the show.

Lee Su Geun has started to shine rapidly on 1N2D with his 10 years of experience, and his other strength is his sociability. The article points out how close SeungGi and Eun Ji Won are with Lee Su Geun, and says they will likely throw their full support behind Lee Su Geun. Furthermore, his presence has been recognized by Kang Ho Dong. HoDong supposedly said in an interview last year that SuGeun’s ad lib had become 100% successful; HoDong and SuGeun were the only 2 members who were really immersed in the shooting during the critical period [WTH?!].

Again, I don’t know who’s behind this article, but it’s obviously a little biased. It’s good that people have so much faith in SuGeun. And I really wish him good luck, because he’ll definitely need it. It’s not going to be easy to fill HoDong’s shoes.

Source: asiatoday
Credit & English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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