Sung Shi Kyung admits that he is jealous of Lee Seung Ki

Sweet voiced singer Sung Shi Kyung showed a bit of jealousy towards Lee Seung Ki‘s fame.

On September 4th, the episode of  KBS2 Days 1 Night‘ was separated in to a three-part viewers’ tour, introducing one hundred viewers from the age of 1 to 102.

On this day, Sung Shi Kyung was seen getting jealous of Lee Seung Ki when majority of young fangirls chose Lee Seung Ki as the celebrity that they wanted to see.

Sung Shi Kyung seemed especially jealous when the teenagers were asked, “Who did you want to see the most?“, the girls answered, “Lee Seung Ki.” Then, Baek Ji Young exclaimed, “Lee Seung Ki again,” while Lee Seung Ki chuckled, “It’s that time of age,” giving out hugs to his diehard fans.

The ballad singer then jealously pouted, “He looks like a prince. Even his clothes are like those of a prince,‘” causing the crowd to laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Hun, also known as ‘Little Kang Ho Dong‘, was on the show flaunting his excellent talent in witty word play.

Source & Photo: StarnNews via Naver


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