The Saem CF

Here are the official videos:


15s HD version





Based on transcript by lk1003 (China Cafe):


SG: Skin, skin, what are you doing?
AF: Meeting serum!
SG: Is it alive, or is it dead?
AF: It’s alive!


It comes from the tundra.
Chaga [tea] fermentation serum


SG: The skin is alive!


English translation:


30s HD version



…continuing from 15s version…


For skin to breathe,
it comes from the tundra:
Chaga [tea] fermentation serum.


SG: Wow, the skin is ali…
Still not alive?!
AF: The Saem, please make my skin come alive!
SG: Here you go.


English translation:


Earlier TV broadcast versions:








credit: as labeled,



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