11.08.27 Stalking SeungGi and 1N2D Filming

According to a dclsg fan, last night, SeungGi and the men on his team slept separately from the women on the team. They all slept indoors.

She heard that there was no outdoor sleeping this time.

[Interesting… They all flew to Busan, and they all slept indoors. 1N2D without bokbulboks?!]

According to a dclsg fan, 1n2d finished filming in Gijang at around 12pm, then went to the Tiffany21 dock near Haeundae Marine City. She saw SeungGi after they came back from the cruise. SeungGi was still wearing that orange-colored shirt, and he helped pushing the wheelchair. Later, she also saw SeungGi hugging a 5-6 year-old kid and kissing him/her on the cheek.

Afterwards, 1N2D went to the Suyeong Yachting Center. The fan followed them there, and got a chance to grab SeungGi’s hand and shook it. :lol:

SeungGi’s team was the group of viewers in their 40s. This fan also talked to one of the ladies on the team.

She said it was her first time seeing SeungGi, and she thought he was very good looking and extraordinarily considerate/caring.

Even at night, SeungGi continued to take care all the team members, and he memorized everyone’s name. She was very touched. SeungGi also autographed her orange shirt.

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Looks like 1N2D went on a cruise around Haeundae:

Vans, carnival buses, and a lot of people are crowded in front of the Tiffany dock. At a glance, it looked like 1N2D team. But looking carefully, I don’t see SeungGi. ㅠ

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com


Looks like 1n2d is still filming. Hoping for more fanpics/fancams to leak out. :P

credit: twitter, tryp96.wordpress.com

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