Lee Seung Gi’s manager to debut in entertainment industry?



Lee Seung Gi’s handsome manager has recently become a hot topic after appearing briefly on KBS’s “1 Night 2 Days” and received overwhelming reactions from viewers.


He appeared on the show for only a few seconds, but his strong facial features, fit body, and tall height that was on par with Lee Seung Gi captured the attention of the viewers instantly. Lee Seung Gi praised his manager on the show and stated that he may even look better than himself. On a portal website, as of the afternoon of August 22nd, ‘Lee Seung Gi’s hot manager’ was the top keyword search.


Some viewers took a step further in their interest of Lee Seung Gi’s manager to hope for and actual debut in the entertainment industry.


According to Lee Seung Gi’s management, the manager is actually a close friend of Lee Seung Gi. After graduating college, the pair have been working together ever since as manager and celebrity.


A staff member in Lee Seung Gi’s agency spoke with Star News on the 22nd, “Lee Seung Gi’s manager receives a lot of attention at photo shoots with his handsome looks… Many people actually mistake him as a trainee in the agency”.


The staff member continued, “If he [Lee Seung Gi’s manager] is interested, there’s always a chance he may debut in entertainment… It seems that he does have interest in the industry. Frankly speaking, we’ve never really talked about it”.


Source: Star News via Naver

Credit: allkpop.com




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