Lee Sun Hee “I just showed Lee Seung Gi the way, he grew on his own”

OK, time for some happy news. :P


Teacher SunHee attended the press conference for MBC’s ‘Star Audition: The Great Birth Season 2′ on August 10. In the show, she will be a mentor for some very lucky contestants.

Since Teacher is well-known as SeungGi’s mentor, of course SeungGi’s name also came up during the press conference. The question was whether or not she would discover someone worthy to be trained as the 2nd Lee Seung Gi. :P Different articles phrased it differently, so I’m quoting 2 of them here:

I haven’t trained anyone. What I told Lee Seung Gi was, “This was how I got here and what was not good.” With that as a foundation, Lee Seung Gi learned and grew all on his own. I will do this in the future as well.

More so than training (SeungGi), I tell him ‘it’s good to do it like this’. Just bearing that in mind, this friend [SeungGi] works hard at it. He’s the type that will work hard until the end once he has a role model set for him. He has become a star because of his accumulated efforts.

Source: wstarnews, sports chosun
Credit & English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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