Lee Seung Gi Was Moved To Tears By Jegal Sung Yeol’s Gold Medal Story

Lee Seung Gi was moved to tears after listening to speed skater Jaegal Sung-Yeol’s story.

On the 2nd of August broadcast of SBS Strong Heart,there was a story about Sung Yeol and a little girl whom he met at America.Jegal Sung Yeol started to embark in the short track speed skating world championships at Minnesota after he had received a gold medal in the 1996 Winter Asian games . Under a doctor’s advice,Sung Yeol who reached America visited a Korean little girl whose ambition was to be a ballerina but was involved in a car accident.

Jegal Sung Yeol had once also suffered a big blow when he was injured when the 1994 Winter Olympics was only 1 1/2 months away.Jegal Sung Yeol told the little young girl who was lying on the hospital bed,”At that time even the doctors told me that my career was over,but miraculously I finally participated in the Olympics. Eventhough I didn’t manage to receive a medal,but not losing to myself is more important than getting the gold medal. ” But the little girl didn’t even turn her head to listen to him.
Finally, Sung Yeol promised the little girl,”I will win the gold medal for you in the world championship”.And Sung Yeol miraculously became the double champion for the World Championship 1000 and 500 metres,achieving his promise with the little girl.

The little girl who once closed the door of her heart,unexpectedly appeared at the event celebration hall.The little girl didn’t allow anyone to help,leaning on her crutches,walking step by step towards Sung Yeol, and told him,”I am standing lively in front of hyung “

Sung Yeol shed tears when thinking of his story with the little girl.Lee Seung Gi also couldn’t help but shed tears.Lee Seung Gi who seldom cry in Strong Heart, was moved to tears for Jegal Sung Yeol and the little girl miracle story.

English Translation by  lsgairenint based on chinese trans of innolife.com

Credit: leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com

Seung Gi’s Tears


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