Lee Seung Gi signs on with Samsung Zipel for the 3rd year running

Lee Seung Gi has been chosen to endorse Zipel for the 3rd straight year.

On August 4th, Samsung Electronics stated, “Lee Seung Gi has been chosen as the main model for the Samsung Zipel line ‘Asak Kimchi Refrigerator’ for the 3rd year running.

The singer / actor has represented the brand since 2009 and has been praised for standing his ground as a male model in endorsements for the appliances industry, which is currently dominated by female models.

Samsung Electronics also commented, “Lee Seung Gi has captured the hearts of 20 – 40 year old females who make up much of the consumer market and even served as a driving force behind making Zipel refrigerator the number 1 brand sold in the market for 3 consecutive years. He also played a big role in making the premium refrigerator market bigger by acting as Zipel’s main model.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

Credit : Allkpop

Lee Seung Gi signs a contract with Samsung for their Zipel

Actor Lee Seung Gi has been renewed as a representative for Zipel for a third year.

On the 4th, Samsung Electronics said, “Lee Seung Gi was selected as a representative for the Zipel kimchi fridge.”

Lee Seung Gi has been working as a representative since 2009 when he renewed the contract for a 3rd time. Lee Seung Gi broke the female representative stereotype regarding kitchen electronics—proving that a man can be an equally influential representative.

The company said, “Lee Seung Gi captures our main consumer’s hearts, especially women in their 20s to 40s. He’s been a driving force for Zipel’s majority market share for 3 years in a row. Lee Seung Gi has done a wonderful job as a representative.”

Source: Sports Chosun from Nate

Credit : Korea.com

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