11.07.23 News Tidbits – Lee Seung Gi

There has been a schedule change in SeungGi’s upcoming trip to Japan.

According to Airen Japan, SeungGi will be arriving at the Kansai Airport after 6pm JST on 7/29 (Friday).

I guess with the 1N2D broadcast being preempted this week, the members also get an extra week of rest, and will not be filming next weekend.


OK, this is old news, but I didn’t realize there was an English article on this.

Korea’s Top Celebrities

4. Lee Seung-Gi SINGER
The actor, singer and variety show host raked in trophies from all major networks in 2010. His hit TV drama, My Gumiho, earned bragging rights after hitting average ratings of 21.3%.

Source: forbes.com


It seems that SeungGi is back in Korea already.

According to a dclsg fan, SeungGi has been taking cooking classes. And yesterday he went and made some Japanese dishes.

Some fans are wondering if it has to do with the Chung Jung Won event that’s coming up. Maybe SeungGi will be cooking for those lucky fans?! OMG, major envy!

credit: tryp96.wordpress.com

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