The reason why Little Lee Seung Gi frequented banks like his home

Lee Seung Gi “I also use (KB) Good Day Card”

Little SeungGi went to banks when it was summer. It was because of the air conditioners running at full strength and the unforgettable taste of the ice cream the bank-teller aunties, who worked with Dad, bought with coins.

This is a story of all-around entertainer Lee Seung Gi who now goes around the country as the nation’s younger brother and as a 1N2D member.

The connection between Lee Seung Gi and KB Bank spanning 2 generations is a hot topic.

First of all, both of his parents worked at KB Bank (which used to be Housing Bank). Through his image as a model student who was the student body president, one can somehow get a slight sense of the strict upbringing by his banker parents.

Currently, he’s also the main CF model for both KB Financial Group (KBFG) and KB Card. “I mainly use KB Good Day Card.” This is what Lee Seung Gi said when he was asked, on the set of a CF filming, which (credit) card he used.

Under the influence of his parents, Lee Seung Gi himself has been a longtime/loyal customer of KB Bank since he was young. This explains why he is such a fan of KB Financial Group that the main credit card he uses is from KB’s growing affiliate, KB Card.

And because of this, Lee Seung Gi has long dreamed of becoming KBFG’s CF model. According to KBFG, Lee Seung Gi said, “I’ve fulfilled my long-time dream” while working as the CF model for KBFG.

KB Financial Group’s officials have also fallen for Lee Seung Gi’s smart charms. There’s no end to their praise (for SeungGi). KB Financial Group considers him to be a very suitable CF model especially on account of his extensive knowledge of finance and economics.

Lee Seung Gi is currently studying international commerce at Dongguk Graduate School. Financiers who have talked with Lee Seung Gi all say that he really has considerable knowledge of finance.

An official in charge of advertising at KB Financial Group said, “Lee Seung Gi is famous for using products he endorses no matter where he is, and he’s very much desired by advertisers as their CF model.”

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