11.07.10 1N2D Cuts



What’s going on?! Farm Work Special!

Corn bokbulbok: which one is getting a kiss from SeungGi? :P

Happy SeungGi picking corns

Was ajumma hoping to see SeungGi? (Of course! :P )

SeungGi ya!

Hard-working SeungGi

Let’s work hard

Corn is the best!

Cooked corn

imitating JongMin

The effect of bokbunja juice

Enjoy corn and bokbunja

Eyes bulging out

SeungGi the tiger

SeungGi’s blockbuster action movie :lol:

SeungGi sharing his story


SeungGi scared

I’m sorry

HoDong hyung, don’t even think about it! :lol:

credit: dclsg

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