1N2D Lee Seung Gi, drinks bokbunja in one shot and becomes a man?


‘Nation’s Younger Brother’ Lee Seung Gi has finally become a man (?).

While filming the 1N2D Gochang episode that’s to be broadcast on July 10, Lee Seung Gi tasted the local specialty bokbunja (black raspberry) and became mesmerized by its charm. According to the production crew, Lee Seung Gi drank 9 cups of bokbunja juice in one sitting and was very content (?).

Bokbunja is so named because after eating it, one’s urinary stream can turn over a chamber pot. It’s widely known by the public as a healthy food that plays the role of male and female hormones and can promote stamina, enhance virility, and etc.

Lee Seung Gi learned about bokbunja juice during the filming that day, and he drank the most among the members. He seemed to be so mesmerized by bokbunja’s charm that people on the set joked, “Seung Gi has finally become a man!”

The rumor is that Lee Seung Gi, after drinking 9 cups of bokbunja juice, said, “I heard that you could break a chamber pot after drinking bokbunja, isn’t it possible now after drinking this much of it?” and made the production crew burst into laughter.

Source: osen
Credit/English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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