Lee Seung Gi and PyeongChang’s Parallel Theory? “He’s the nation’s lucky charm!”

Both fans and netizens started talking about this right after PyeongChang won its bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I thought it was just for fun, but now there’s even a news article on this. And the picture used by the press? It was photoshopped by the famous dclsg fanboy Spice. :P And the caption on the picture? Seunglelujah! As in Seung(gi)-(hal)lelujah. :lol:


Lee Seung Gi has gained a new nickname. Following ‘Nation’s Younger Man’, ‘Heodang’, lately he’s been nicknamed ‘Nation’s Lucky Charm’.

This came about in connection with PyeongChang’s successful bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Netizens have been arguing for the ‘parallel theory’ between Lee Seung Gi and PyeongChang, and claiming that “bad luck will leave and good luck will come to anything Lee Seung Gi touches.” So he’s been called ‘Nation’s Lucky Charm’.

The parallel theory between Lee Seung Gi and PyeongChang claimed by the netizens has to do with the number 7. PyeongChang’s Winter Olympics bid success was confirmed on July 7 [7/7], there are 7 years left before 2018, and Lee Seung Gi happens to be a celebrity of number 7.

Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987, and this is the 7th year since his debut. He usually wears jersey number 7 on his soccer team, and he held his first solo concert in 2007. He’s released a total of 17 albums so far [I think the number includes all the singles], and has 77 songs. The number of dramas and variety programs he has regularly appeared on is 7, and in the drama ‘Infamous Chil [7] Princesses’ he was married to Teng-chil [7].

In addition, Lee Seung Gi is the model for the mineral water brand PyeongChangSu, and PyeongChang was his first trip after joining 1N2D. These have been put forward as evidence to support the ‘parallel theory with PyeongChang’. Having filmed a CF with ‘Goddess of PyeongChang’ Kim Yuna and being nicknamed ‘Nation’s Brother and Sister’ has also gotten a lot of attention.

The netizens showed heated response, “Didn’t the big earthquake and nuclear crisis happen in Japan after he gave up on Japan advancement? Even in a war, there would really be nothing to worry if only Lee Seung Gi was the lucky charm”, “It’s surprising even though things are just being pieced together. It’s probably not entirely a coincidence”, “Let’s make Lee Seung Gi the nation’s lucky charm”, “What should we do to get Lee Seung Gi luck?” and etc.

With words like “Seunglelujah!”, Lee Seung Gi’s extraordinary luck can’t be denied.

Source: enews24
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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