”1Night2Days” Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Geun Flipped Their Behaviours In Front Of Foods

Lee Seung Gi has changed.

On KBS2’s “Happy Sunday  – 1 night 2 days”, a trip to GwanMaeDo  was shot and aired on the 26th.

The members of the trip were able to enjoy the view at GwanMaeDo through a slow walk, but had to console their hungry stomachs due to their failure in getting their allowances through a challenge. Thus, in the following dinner, Lee Soo Geun and Lee Seung Gi flipped their behaviours by 180 degrees.

They saw food and lost their senses of reserve. Having seen an uncooked dough meant for a stew (Kalgooksoo ), Lee Soo Geun said, “I’m just going to eat it. It’s not like we’re going to be redeemed [from our starving images], and it’s about time we eat something.”

Then, Lee Seung Gi picked up a spoon that was used to stir a spicy soup and tasted it, resulting him a near disqualification from the competition by Kang Ho Dong. Lee Seung Gi proclaimed that “I’ll just give up the show and eat!”, and rebelled, causing much laughter throughout.

Source : tvdaily

English Translation : Fidelity @leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com


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