Why is the concert DVD released in Japan first?

A dclsg fan happened to hear about this somewhere. If they release the DVD in Korea and Japan at the same time, or release it in Korea first, there’s a good possibility that it won’t sell well in Japan. Because even including the overseas shipping charges, the Korean version would still be much cheaper than the Japanese version. That’s why they want to get the Japanese version out first.

Someone who works in advertising tweeted this at 2:47am KST on June 21:

Lee Seung Gi has finished the shoot and left first. I’m still on the filming set trying to wrap up…

Some dclsg fans think that it might be a new Pizza Hut CF SeungGi was shooting. But another one so soon? Maybe SeungGi is trying to fulfill all his CF commitments in advance so that he can concentrate on his new album and drama in the 2nd half of the year. :P


credit: tryp96, dclsg

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