LSG To Airen — Another ONE!

아 그리고 하나더!

아이렌 3기 임원진이 모두 결정되었습니다!
진작에 결정되었지만 이제야 제가 말씀드리네요.

지원해주신분들과 선출되신 분들 모두 너무너무 고맙습니다.^^
사실 정말 쉽지않은 결정이셨을텐데
본인의 시간을 할애해서 저를 위해 서포트해주시는
우리 임원진분들께 다시한번 감사드립니다.

잘 부탁드리겠습니다 !!(꾸벅)

그리고 선출이 되지 않으신분도 그 마음은 다 같은 것이기에
모두 감사드리고있습니다.

앞으로도 잘부탁드려요^^

아이렌 3기와 모든 임원진들 화이팅!!!!!!!!!♡

p.s감사한 마음에 제 맘을 듬뿍담아 사진하나 첨부합니다!

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Ah~And One More!

The 3rd Phase of Airen executives line up has been determined! (Mr Lee is talking about the official fan club in Airen election )

Actually it has been determine some time ago, but I just came by now to leave a message.
Really very very thankful to the people who supported the activity ( the fans who applied for the positions)  and to those who are eventually elected .^^
In fact, it was not an easy decision.
Will like to thank the fan club staffs/officers once again for sacrificing their time  to support me
Really very thankful to you.

Will need your help in the future!! (Bow)

And also, to those who weren’t chosen,but everyone’s hearts are the same.
Really thankful to you all.

Will need your help in the future too.^^

AIREN 3rd phase & all of the staffs/officers FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!♡

p.s Attach a full of gratitude photo from me!

English Translation : simlan based on chinese trans from baidu tieba

Credit : lsgairenint

Oh and one more thing!

The Airen executive officers and team [for fanclub] have been decided.  Although this was determined earlier on, I’m relaying this message now.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part and were elected.^^
Honestly, it must have not not been an easy decision to make.  I want to say thank you again to our elected team members who are working to support me during their own spare time.

I leave myself in your care!! (bows)

And also to those who were not elected, I am thankful to all of you since your hearts are also of the same mind.

I put myself in your care from hereon as well^^

The Airen fanclub and all the executive team~ Fighting!!!!!!!!!♡

p.s. As my heart brims with love and gratitude, I’m attaching one photo!

English Translation :

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