11/06/22 Kiss The Radio – SuJu Talks About SeungGi

I think Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk are talking about going out to eat with celebrity friends, like SeungGi.



A summary of the conversation:

Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk said they went out to eat with a celebrity friend for the first time since their debut, even though SuJu debuted 7 years ago and this celebrity friend debuted 8 years ago. They had a very long chat, and found a lot of similarities between them.

This celebrity friend is none other than our SeungGi.

After Eunhyuk came back to Strong Heart recently, SeungGi kept asking them out to eat, and even sent text messages. So they finally went out together. And it was actually after SeungGi came back from a 1N2D filming. Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk said they were very grateful since SeungGi met up with them even though he was really tired. They talked a lot and had a great time together.

Eunhyuk said he was amazed that he and SeungGi had so much in common: they are both shy with strangers, and they like to stay home, etc. So he would like to get together with SeungGi more often in the future.

Then they played SeungGi’s song ‘Losing My Mind’, joking that the song shouldn’t be about them since they only went out recently.

After the song ended, they said SeungGi sent them a text message just now, requesting them to play SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’. They wanted to call SeungGi but decided they would wait until SeungGi was ready, when he’s not losing his mind. :lol:

English: tryp96.wordpress.com
Based on Chinese translation at Baidu Tieba

Here are some old pictures of SeungGi guesting on Kiss The Radio with SuJu:

credit: dclsg

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