11/06/19 1N2D Cuts

SeungGi sneaking in


SeungGi saving the dough

SeungGi the assistant

SeungGi the human incubator

SeungGi singing… about the dough/noodle

SeungGi amazed by KJT’s cooking skills

SeungGi speechless over the noodle

enjoying the meal til the end

SeungGi tearing up

chatting with Director Ban

enjoying a good laugh

learning from the sunbae actors

sunbae actor giving advice to SeungGi

SeungGi teaching KJM how to sing KJM’s song :lol:

SeungGi being thrown out!

Good night, sleep well!

chasing the flag

praising SJR

asking after KJT

letting sunbae shower first

SeungGi after morning shower

credit: dclsg


credit: ZZDGddd @ tudou

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