11/06/17 Stalking 1N2D Filming

According to a dclsg fan, after filming the opening on Jindo (island), 1N2D went to another island – Gwanmaedo.

Here’s a related tweet:

1N2D is now filming on Gwanmaedo Island where my parents are!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I want to see SeungGi too!!

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com

Since there are still no spoilers from Jindo, I’ll post some related 1N2D news here:

The 200th episode of 1N2D will be aired on July 10th. According to PD Na, they did not plan a separate special for it, but the members and the staff will have a simple celebration during the filming.

If there’s enough footage left in the Supporting Actor Special for 2 more episodes, then the 2nd part of the trip being filmed today will end up being the 200th episode. Congratulations to 1N2D! Hope they have a nice celebration today. :D


After a 4-week hiatus, 1N2D is finally filming this weekend! Hoping for lots of spoilers… :D

According to a dclsg fan, the 1N2D team is currently filming the opening on the coast of Jindo, South Jeolla.

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