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No, SeungGi did not make a surprise appearance on the show. But HoDong just couldn’t help but show some SeungGi love. :P

Brave Brothers, the producer of SeungGi’s ‘Losing My Mind’, guested on the show hosted by HoDong. So out of the many songs Brave Brothers produced, HoDong just had to mention SeungGi’s. :lol:


This is tryp96 rough understanding of the clip:

HoDong: Even though Son DamBi’s ‘Crazy’ is your representative song, Lee Seung Gi’s song ‘Losing My Mind’, which was a hot topic, was also produced by you, right?
BB: Yes.
YSY: Your songs seem to be mostly crazy or becoming crazy.
BB: (caption) They’re just titles of the songs.

English summary:
video credit: dclsg

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