8eight orders pizza via singing

On June 15th, a hilarious and impressive video of the talented group 8eight callingPizza Hut and singing their hearts out while ordering a pizza was uploaded toYouTube.

The video starts out with Lee Seung Gi (Pizza Hut CF model) answering the phone with an automated message saying, “Hello, this is pizza model Lee Seung Gi“.When an employee answers to take their order, Lee Hyun makes sure to tell him, “You’re going to have to listen very carefully“.

As soon as the employee answers “Okay“, Lee Hyun starts beatboxing and the singing begins. It’s quite amusing to hear things like “Make it in ‘family’ size“, “Side of mayo and salad“, “Large size Cola” in the song, and they conclude their order with the Pizza Hut theme song.

After listening to the order, the flustered employee is heard saying, “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t really understand what you were saying“, and Baek Chan kindly replies, “I know, you probably couldn’t understand our order, I’ll say it again slowly“. The video ends with 8eight thanking the kind employee for his patience.

A possible CF deal with Pizza Hut in the making?

Source: Youtube Tip: whwhoa

Credit : allkpop

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