Hong Seok Cheon Reveals “HeoDang Lee Seung Gi’s Real Nickname Was….”

TV personality Hong Seok Cheon revealed Lee Seung Gi’s nickname in high school.

Hong Seok Cheon guested on Strong Heart broadcast on June 7. On the topic of ‘Lee Seung Gi, freeze!’, he revealed highly classified information collected from Lee Seung Gi’s high school classmates. According to him, Lee Seung Gi, a member of the 15th graduating class of Sanggye High School, was active in a band called ‘Cipher’. [I thought SeungGi’s high school band name was ‘brain hemorrhage’.]

Hong Seok Cheon said, “During high school, wasn’t your nickname ‘HeoSung’?” He then explained, “Because (SeungGi’s) secret to singing well was his big thighs, he was called ‘thigh vocal cords’ (허벅지 성대) or ‘HeoSung (허성)’ for short,” and made Lee Seung Gi very nervous.

Source: tvreport
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com
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Here’s the video cut:

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