Choi Ji-woo “I thought going in the water was like a shampoo ad”

Actress Choi Ji-woo spoke about her first time entering the water.

About the time she entered the water in the 3-week actress special on KBS 2TV “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days”, she said, “I thought I would be alright going in the water after the guys”.

“I thought enter coolly and come out the same way so I even took out all the pins for display” she explained. She then posed like she would in a shampoo ad and said, “But the moment I jumped in the water I was just stuck”.

Lee Seung-gi, who helped a floundering Choi Ji-woo out of the water said, “Are you good at arm wrestling? Your arms were so strong. I’ve been working out and I thought I could handle it but I was pulled down together” and revealed a side of Choi Ji-woounlike her usual.

Lee Hye-young who also jumped in the water said, “I thought to myself ‘why does Ji-woo jump in like that?’ but when it was my turn, I also floundered” and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the program revealed Seo Woo‘s gluttony, Kim Ha-neul‘s plain face, the actress’s sleeping outside and the preview for next week’s luxury supporting actor special.

Source : nate news

Credit : hancinema

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