Lee Yeong-ah, “Lee Seung-gi has wealth but is lonely”


Actress Lee Yeong-ah read Lee Seung-gi‘s face and said, “He has wealth but he can be lonely”.

The SBS TV program “Kang Heart” on the 31st was preceded under the title, “Self-glow Special”.

At the question about Lee Seung-gi‘s first impression, Lee Yeong-ah said, “We first met in 2004 “X Man” and this is the first time after that”. According to her, Lee Seung-gi has a long lower part of the face and a prominent nose which means wealth.

About Kang Ho-dong who has a narrow forehead and a developed jaw, she said, “You will have no luck in your beginning years but prosper in your later years”. Kim Hee-cheol who had to hear that he was going to suffer in the later years, wittily told Lee Yeong-ah that she was going to suffer this day.

Other than that, Lee Yeong-ah revealed that she is also quite the drinker. She said, “I don’t drink beer because that makes me full, but I drink about 10-20 shots of whiskey. I also have a weird habit of bringing home the side dishes of fruits or chicken in my pockets”.

Source : nate news

Credit : hancinema



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