”1 Night 2 Days” dips and goes blank… ‘laughter’

The actresses were brave. They succeeded in diving into the water in “1 Night 2 Days”.

On the 29th of KBS 2TV “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days”, the Kang Ho-dong team who lost to Lee Soo-geun team had to take a dive in the water. They were Kang Ho-dong, Kim Soo-miChoi Ji-wooLee Hye-youngLee Seung-gi and Kim Jong-min.

Before diving, Choi Ji-woo was shocked at the temperature of the water but dived anyway after seeing the original members take a dip. However, she was soon floundering in the shallow waters and only came to her senses when the members helped her out.

Unlike Choi Ji-wooLee Hye-young dived like a mermaid and Kim Soo-mishocked everyone with her fainting act.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-woo and Kim Ha-neul formed love lines with Lee Seung-giand Eom Tae-woong.

Source : nate news

Credit : hancinema

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