Choi Ji Woo’s Cute Act on ‘Two Days and One Night’ Disarms Lee Seung-gi

Actress Choi Ji Woo appeared on the Sunday episode of “Happy Sunday-Two days and one night” on KBS-2TV and showed off her “actress’s cute act.”

The episode was a special program that featured six actresses: Kim Ha Neul, Kim Su Mi, Yeom Jeong Ah, Seo Wu, Lee Hye Yeong and Choi.

On the show, the cast members and actresses were divided into two groups and left for a destination.

One group comprised Gang Ho-dong, Lee Seung-gi, Kim Jong-min, Kim Su Mi, Choi Ji Woo and Lee Hye Yeong, and the other group Eom Tae-wung, Lee Su-geun, Eun Ji-won, Yeom Jeong Ah, Kim Ha Neul, and Seo.

Choi talked to Gang Ho-dong, seated in front of her in the car, in a girly voice, calling him “My dear brother Ho Dong.”

When Gang said to Choi, “I could not get a wink of sleep at night,” Choi responded, “I was pretty excited about members of ‘Two Days and One Night’ and I could not sleep either.” All the members laughed at Choi’s remark.

Writer: TV Report

Source : kbs global

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