Stalking SeungGi’s Kolon Sport Fan Signing

SeungGi signed for 20 extra fans today. He then left the fan signing quietly through the back door.

*The Kolon Sport Management is strict at this point in time. We may not see more fanpics/fancams because of that reason. ^^

Rumor: someone might have fainted at the fan signing, and an ambulance was called.

Entering the building:

The fansigning started.

– Lee SeungGi’s Autograph

SeungGi has arrived at the fan signing. Now waiting for pictures… :P

SeungGi’s van:


FANS waiting for HIM. ^^

There were 25 fans in line at 7:25am, 80 fans by 8:25am, then 100 fans by 9:10am.

The actual fan signing starts at 3pm.

Kolon Sport Building ^^

2 international fans are now waiting outside the store

credit: Yon, kolonsport, dclsg

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