Gumiho’s Soda

Do you know what kind of soda is Gumiho Favourite Soda?

If you watch the drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”, you will find so much scenes when they’re drinking soda deliciously until you feel “Ahhh~ I want some!” (LOL, It’s me! I want to drink it! How bout you??) xD~

in korean they said it as “사이다”  reads “saida” (refer to cider), means soda.

So? What Kind of Soda is it?

Well, unfortunately they wrapped the can with a printed paper written “사이다” LOL, but i think we can guess by just seeing their printed layout, It’s “질성사이다” >> “Chilsung Cider” product of Lotte Chilsung, so if you want to taste it, now go to Convenience Store or Supermarket and bought some ;D

If you want to try, buy this soda to your nearest Korean Convenience Store. ^^ ENJOY

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