Na Young Seok PD Talks About SeungGi

PD Na did another long interview recently. The reporter asked which member made the most extraordinary progress on 1N2D, PD Na picked SeungGi.

“Lee Su Geun sshi has also improved a lot in his variety sense, and has been amazingly active. But as I see it, Lee Seung Gi sshi has made the biggest improvement. He had filmed dramas before, but he almost never had any chance to develop his variety sense. He’s originally a singer, so I was worried about whether he would do well in variety or not. But right after the early adaptation phase passed, he has been remarkably active. If he started out at 0, then he has achieved 100 now. But the number 100 here doesn’t mean the end. I think this is a friend who has the potential to even reach 150~160.”

Source: kukinews
Credit/English translation/summary:

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