#2 Lee Seung Gi in Stars Raking It In ( with Translation )



Just looking at this person, I know straight away! Well isn’t he Korea’s boyfriend? Lee Seung Gi, ranked number 2 for the wealthiest. Well this is definite, as soon as he debuted he got the title as Korea’s little brother, and the signs of his growth is different to others. In 2007, he was a regular member in a variety show, different from his image, he is “HO DANG” (meaning doing things without thinking). And because of the HO DANG character, he has received more popularity. 
Every time you turn on the TV, every channel you go to, Lee Seung Gi is bound to be on all the channels. Just his CF’s are worth 500,000,000 won. And IU is 400,000,000 won. Now IU get’s 1,000,000,000 won per CF! All of Korea’s little brothers and sisters are taking out the CF industry. I don’t have that kind of little brother or sister. I am so envious. He has even been in a drama. Yes that’s right. And even from drama’s he has been collecting a lot of money. And the variety shows that he has been in are 800 episodes! Wow, that’s a lot. And this is Lee Seung Gi’s house! And the price of the house is more than 2,000,000,000 won!! And a very close next door neighbour is Lee Hyo Ri. Being called a “Prince” he has turned into and actual PRINCE! Please invite us to your house Lee Seung Gi, and let’s meet up with Lee Hyo Ri, because she lives close. We will take items with us!

credit: farring100 @ YT, tryp96( thanks for the video )

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