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It’s past midnight in Korea, and SeungGi is still at the Strong Heart recording.

The recording started really late today, at 5:30pm KST. I heard that all 5 members of KARA were guesting today, and they had a fan signing in the afternoon. So that’s probably why the recording started later than usual.

The 1st part didn’t end until 9:20pm. Then the 2nd part started at 10:30pm. And who knows how much longer it’s going to go on?

Poor SeungGi. At least there’s no 1N2D recording yesterday.

He’s wearing a gray jacket with a white Micky Mouse t-shirt inside. Black jeans.

He started with a flying kiss to the fans. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

He looked even better than yesterday at the fan signing.

He showed off his wits to the fullest in the opening talk.

The audience showered him with applause and praise.

He’s doing such a good job…

This is going to be a daebak episode with the story of how SeungGi came to sing ‘I Love You From Now On’…

And the story of someone (female) rejecting an offer to film a CF with SeungGi (which SeungGi didn’t know before)…

SeungGi talked about his dance for the 2nd concert.

He also talked about catching H1N1.

There were a lot of SeungGi-related talks.

Source: daum cafe
English translation/summary:

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