Lee Seung Gi-Ginza Interview

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GINZA Asia’s heartbeat
Lee Seung Gi

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 7 years since debuted, expanding in other field besides singing, drama, variety etc,how much is your degree of satisfaction?

To me,I wanted to sing, so I jump into this world (entertainment biz). Acting is after I was advised,something that I tried challenging…Although I have received everyone’s support, but originally I am not a witty/interesting person,my acting skills is also not outstanding. But because my luck has always been good,therefore I must be more hardworking.I want to continue to move forward step by step ,so now is only the beginning stage.

The next 10,20 years, do you have plans and dreams?

I do not have big plans. I just want to continue to be active in the entertainment field activities.My goal is to be a singer,actor etc for a long term.My dream?I hope that my family,friends and everyone can  be happy.

The characters in your dramas sometimes coincide/redundant,actually what kind of person are you in real life?

I feel that compared to《Brilliant Legacy》’s Sun Woo Hwan, I’m closer to 《MGIG》’s Cha Dae Woong.He is a cheerful guy.Also,once he is in love with a girl, he will be totally devoted,directly…without hesitation. Because of my blood B type warm personality, I’m having conflict whether to risk my life..

Do you think that a man must treat a lady kindly and fondly?

Yes,I think so.Although in this generation there is a prevalence of the saying “evil men”, I think that there should be a little bit of a conservative side.

Maybe this cannot be discussed in detail, but have you ever imagined how would your marriage be like?

Ah, this one? I think I would marry at the age of 35-37. In Korea, there is a saying of the “real line (concept)”, but I should be doing it in my own way, so sometimes these images do pop up.

 Even if your job is tough, you don’t complain frequently?

Indeed, I would not complain when I feel discouraged. When I am really frustrated, I go for soccer, or to eat some delicious food, that makes me feel better. I also like to hike. Recently, I went hiking on Hallasan and Seoraksan, they are the tallest and the third tallest mountains in Korea. The experience makes me fully understand the loneliness you cannot normally feel. I realized once again that the time for thinking alone is very important

You learnt Japanese, does it change your impressions on Japan and Japanese people?

Because I felt Japanese people’s kindness for myself, they treat people with modesty, therefore I understand that I should learn the humble language. Recently I like the Japanese “Very…” [Mechakucha] (also refers to messy, unorderly), eg. “mechakucha oishii”(Very delicious), these words have a very interesting intonation. And also, “earnest” [honki] and genuine” [honmono].

Which kind of character would you like to challenge in the future?

Contemporary drama is certain. I also want to take part in an exciting and tense action film like “The Bourne Identity”.

We have been longing for your debut in Japan.

I am studying harder on Japanese, I would be working hard for being able to handle the activities both in Japan and Korea by that time!


Unlike the warm and optimistic impression, he is a cool man in front of the camera. Was overwhelmed by his fine expressions and unexpected poses, that  mellowed the whole atmosphere. There is zero sense of unnaturalness. He is able to capture the flow of fresh air, integrating with his feelings instantly and he shone, this is in-born ability of a STAR. Chatting with the photographer in simple Japanese… “This filming session is very interesting, a feeling I do not often feel!” Even until he leaves he is still smiling heartily, the whole process is full of warmth and gentleness!

Credit : lsgairenint, leeseunggiworld.wordpress.com

English Translation : lsgairenint & natsitt based on chinese translation at china cafe and baidu

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