11/05/09 Hokotate



credit: rizehan@YT


Everyone praising SeungGi: cute, sunny, attractive…
SG: Thank you.
MC1: He’s extremely popular in Korea, being called ‘nation’s younger brother’.
MC2: That’s outstanding! Wah!!!
SG: No, no.
MC1: He’s really a sunny boy. Just like everyone’s younger brother.
MC2: (pointing to person next to him) He’s called the ‘nation’s gorilla’.
MC1: Who’s ‘nation’s gorilla’?!
SG: (laugh) Is that so?

Umbrella vs wind blower: Who will win?
MC3: Here’s the actual umbrella, everyone can take a look.
MC1: It’s not that different from a regular umbrella.
MC3: It feels very solid.
MC1: It’s very flexible. It won’t break if you bend it.
SG: There’s a saying in Korea that if something is too strong, it’s going to break. But this umbrella seems to be very flexible, so it’s probably not going to break.
MCs: Oh… He’s indeed Seung-chan (to sound so smart). [-chan is an affectionate term for kids.]

Experts’ predictions

MC3: If Teacher X guesses wrong today, it would be 9 in a row.
MC2: Now he looks energized.
MC1: Please give your predictions.
X: indestructible umbrella
Y: strongest wind blower
MCs: Your predictions are different again.

After some analysis…

MC: Impressive. There’s even scientific basis for it. And data too. Very different from Teacher X.
MC3: Please press a button for your prediction.
Then, fully automatic hokotate!
MC: We’re being separated!
MC: We’re divided into 2 vs 2.
MC2: Ah, the union of handsome guys picked the umbrella.
MC1: Handsome guy? You’re so shameless, with that face of yours.
MC2: What’s wrong with this face?
SG: Watching the video, there were scenes of (the umbrella) being toppled or blown away but no scenes of it being broken. That’s why I picked the umbrella.
MC: Oh, I see. It sure is flexible.
They started arguing… MC sitting next to SeungGi: Seung-chan, you tell them!

Video of the showdown:

SeungGi: Umbrella! Umbrella! Umbrella!

But the umbrella lost.

2 MCs: Totally correct!
MC2: I was starting to think the wind blower was going to lose. I thought the umbrella would be ok to the end.
MC1: I thought Teacher X finally guessed correctly.

MC: Teacher, I thought it was going to be ok. I even started tearing up in the middle. I love the umbrella! It stayed strong in that kind of storm. Seung-chan!
SG: There’s really no miracle. (laugh)

English translation: tryp96.wordpress.com
Based on Chinese translation by 小小 @ China Cafe



credit: daum cafe, tryp96.wordpress.com

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