Lee Seung Gi, Crowned God of Math? “No One Can Solve the Square Root But Me” Golden Brain

Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi easily solved a difficult (?) math problem and attracted attention.

In the race between MuSeopDang and BaboDang, one of the hints for them to find the basecamp was “BALL, √16, 노동 [work, labor].” The member who solved the second and also the most difficult question was Lee Seung Gi. As soon as he saw the question, he shouted out the correct answer of 4 and attracted attention.

[Just FYI, ball is supposed to represent 0. Another Korean word for work is 일, which also means 1.]

Lee Seung Gi showed his confidence and said, “There’s no one in the BaboDang who can solve the square root problem.” Because Lee Seung Gi solved the 2nd problem, MuSeopDang was able to easily obtain the correct answer – area code ’041′ (of the basecamp).

After the broadcast, netizens left comments such as, “Lee Seung Gi is really smart, smart”, “It was a simple question, but I was surprised by Lee Seung Gi’s quickness”, “Lee Seung Gi is indeed a knowledgeable person. He even solved a bar exam problem, and now he’s doing well on math problems. He’s indeed an UmChinAh.”

Source: tvdaily
English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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