Lee Seung Gi and FANS

The couple in the picture are actually fans of Lee Sun Hee. They even met because of her (they were both in her fan club), and they eventually got married. SeungGi performed at Lee Sun Hee’s concerts even before his debut, so Lee Sun Hee’s fans were the first ones to know about SeungGi and to support him. And a lot of them became SeungGi’s fans as well.

The pictures were taken at SeungGi’s first public performance in Daejeon (the blogger said it was before his official debut on TV, but the date seemed to be 04.06.12 which was right after his debut). Lee Sun Hee’s fan club went there to support SeungGi. SeungGi said “thank you” with his autograph.

They might be SeungGi’s fans as well, because I see SeungGi’s CDs in their collection.

credit: dclsg, tistory

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