Lee Seung Gi’s ideal woman is SNSD’s Yoona

On May 2nd, singer Lee Seung Gi guested on MBC’s “Come to Play” and revealed that his ideal woman was none other than SNSD’s YoonA.

As previously reported, Lee Seung Gi had revealed that he was “a really easy guy” and that he wanted female celebrities to ask for his number.

His mentor, Lee Sun Hee, responded to the statement by revealing, “I would often ask Seung Gi, ‘Don’t you think SNSD’s YoonA is pretty?’ and he’d always reply with just, ‘Yes.’”

Seung Gi carefully replied, “I like YoonA-ssi, she’s very pretty, but I also don’t think that it’s appropriate to reply to that question saying I like her so I just say ‘Yes.’  Maybe it’s because I debuted at such a young age, but I don’t have that instinctive defense mindset for questions like that.”

When pressed about his ideal woman, he did, however, shyly admit, “I like girls that have the style of YoonA.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via NateIBTEN

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