Sincerity (Seunggi) mantra re: Lee Ji Ah marriage scandal

Can’t help but to chime in on the shocking news about the 14-year secret marriage between Kpop old school original, Seo Tae Ji, and actress Lee Ji Ah, last seen in SBS drama Athena. And how beloved A-list actor and ultimate catch Jung Woo Sunggot dragged in only because it was revealed last month that he and Lee Ji Ah (whom he filmed Athena with) were indeed dating…

So, supposedly no one else knew about the secret marriage, but worse, Lee Ji Ah failed to mention this tiny, slightly significant factoid(!) to Jung Woo Sung!  Which makes me question Lee Ji Ah’s sanity or moreso her understanding of  the Korean press world and Korean netizens, particularly concerning relationship scandals!

Her management company is freaking Bae Yong Joon’s high-profile Key East.  Yongsama himself!  And Jung Woo Sung is one of those Korean beloved celebs, so messing with him is like messing with Koreans as a whole!  So to not be completely forthcoming and honest about something like this is going to be hard to overcome.

Yes, I’m sure she probably had good reason but it just doesn’t look good, mainly because of the current high-profile Jung Woo Sung relationship factor and the fact that she hid it from him (if it is indeed true that he did not know).  And it doesn’t help that her rise to big stardom in Korea sort of paints her as an opportunist type.  I mean her lying about her age (she’s 3 years older than her official listing), which is usually big news, is like no news at this point.

I think her entertainment future will depend a lot on how Jung Woo Sung and his people decide to deal with this.  If he is sympathetic toward Lee Ji Ah and encourages the public to do so, then she has a chance.  And also if Key East (who says they didn’t know) decides to support her through this.  Otherwise, I really hope she has a very good support network because she’s definitely going to really need it right now.  Hope things work out okay.  Don’t want to see any unnecessary related tragedy please.

Ok, so how is this Lee Seung Gi relevant and LSGfan post related…

First off, I just like Jung Woo Sung though I haven’t seen him in much.  For Koreans, a lot of how we relate to people is about “jung” or “an attached feeling or affection.”  And he’s one of those celebs Koreans can’t help but to like.  Like Seunggi, there’s not much to NOT like about him.

Second, I was super excited when Seunggi signed as CF model for Chung Jung Wonsince Jung Woo Sung and Jang Dong Gun were previous models.  And was giddy about the Jung Woo Sung-Seunggi CF rumor Unfortunately, it was simply a rumor.

So, I nearly freaked out when Seunggi and Jung Woo Sung finally met in person at theJanuary 2011 Hallyu Merit Awards!   To see Seunggi and sunbae Jung Woo Sung together = love!  I have this thing about Seunggi with sunbaes (seniors).  Probably because I’ve had such amazing unnis, oppas, and older mentors in my life and because that sort of relationship is so cherished in Korean culture.  Plus, Seunggi said he really appreciates that too, and you can totally tell by his expressions!

Yeah, Seunggi was definitely excited to chat with sunbae Jung Woo Sung too!

So, lastly, this all made me think about how sincerity really is Seunggi’s life ticket.  You never know how your world will get rocked, directly or indirectly, for good or for bad.  But if you try your best to be sincere and honest, then there’s really nothing to hide.  Omg, so true about how one lie can just snowball into something way bigger!

Of course Seunggi is flawed and isn’t perfect.  (Fans would probably disagree!)  But in comparison to other celebs and people in general, he’s definitely special, right?!

Remember the whole Will Seunggi leave to officially debut in Japan fiasco?  And Seunggi chose to stay with 1n2d until military service and with Strong Heart for the mean time.  Things sort of worked themselves out and with the sad tsunami news in Japan, things just fell into place.  Tryp96 posted a great article about this…

So the Seo Tae Ji – Lee Ji Ah news reminded me of Seunggi with Jung Woo Sung and Kara.  And how Kara had to deal with that whole unfair management company legal issue and now Jung Woo Sung with this ordeal.  As for Seunggi, even if he has some unexpected drama along the way, I have a feeling he’ll definitely be fine…

More heartwarming Jung Woo Sung and Seunggi…

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