Lee Seung Gi is Indeed UmChinAh, Even Acing 1N2D Games

Lee Seung Gi has demonstrated his top-notch skills in the games of Double Jump Rope and Absolute Pitch in the breakfast bokbulbok.


Absolute Pitch was the 3rd game played for the breakfast bokbulbok. PD Na gave them a fairly difficult phrase to read: 단팥맛통찐빵 (Dan Pat Mat Tong Jjin Ppang). But just like last week, SeungGi played the game with perfection even though he had to repeat it multiple times. He did not miss a single pitch!

[I hope you guys don’t mind the short summaries. The articles really don’t have much content worthy of verbatim translation. But I do like their headlines. :P ]

Source: newsen
Credit/English translation/summary: tryp96.wordpress.com

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