Lee Seung Gi-TV Guide Interview

Credit : lsgairenint

Eng translation Sim Lan based on chinese translation of 卤宝 of china cafe


Korea’s viewership rating man, the secret to Lee Seung Gi’s popularity is?

My ideal type is someone who can laugh from the bottom of her heart when I tease her.

After being at the top position as a singer, also begin to be active in variety and showbiz. Lee Seung Gi’s, being an all-rounder star, performance is also anticipated in the latest drama ‘My Girlfriend is Nine-tailed Fox’. He acted as a university student who wanted to be an action star and he also displayed a lot of his talents in the drama.

‘I will of course like to let others see the actor side of me, also as the singer who sings the main theme song and also my funny acts that I’ve learnt from variety shows. Through this chance, I will be glad if everyone can understand me more comprehensively.’
Being paired up with Ms Shin Min Ah, we were even given the award of the most popular couple from the internet voting. ‘Ms Min Ah is voted to be the most longed for actress therefore I’m very happy that we were able to work together. It will be very fortunate to have such a cute nine-tailed fox like Ms Min Ah but it’s a pity that I don’t have such experience (smile). Girls that I like will be those that will think of me and someone who can smile cheerfully. It will be the best if that someone can laugh from the bottom of her heart when I tease her.

Main theme song ‘Losing my mind’ made it to the number 1 in the Korea’s music chart. Beautiful voice suits the drama’s ambience very well, but what happen to the coarse voice when you debuted!?

‘As I debuted with rock ballad concept, in order to display the coarse and wild feeling I sang with a coarse voice. As I was young, I had the thinking of letting other thought that they’ve seen an adult. After that, I’ve gradually know how to insert feelings into the voice. In addition, I’ve also slowly master narrative singing skill so my style of singing changed.’

In survival travel variety show ‘2D1N’, he display a natural and heo dang side of him which is totally topples his normal impression. In talkshow ‘Kang and Lee Seung Gi’s Strong Heart’, received compliments for his quick wits when explaining the guests‘ talks. The story that left the strongest impression on you was?

‘Every story left strong impression on me, but the story from Girls’ Generation’s Ms Soo Young touched me recently. It’s a story on an ex-basketball player Mr Park Seung Il who is suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (muscle degenerative disease). After listening to the love story between Mr Park Seung Il and his lover, I would also like to do something. After getting the contact details from Ms Soo Young, I sent presents over.



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