Lee Seung Gi-JUNON Interview,Japanese Magazine

Credit : lsgairenint, leeseunggiworld

eng translation halfnakedbanana based on chinese translation of 卤宝 at china cafe



24 years old fine man, Lee Seung Gi

“is a type of guy who will  completely fall in love once he like someone. Will put himself in her shoes and always want to be together with her ”


He is not only a singer and an actor in Korea, but also at the same time, a MC for various variety shows and talk show. He is active in commercial advertisement realm and acted as the main lead in drama series “Brilliant Legacy” which earned the highest TV rating of 47.1%! Due to his overwhelming popularity, he is also known as “Korean National Younger Brother”. The Hallyu Star, Lee Seung gi-san, will appear in JUNON for the very first time.  Stands at 182cm, with a well-defined body, a healing smile,  and is gentle yet full of masculinity, you will be charmed by him!


Started learning Japanese by watching Japanese drama series

Still in the progress of learning Japanese, initially, I learnt (Japanese) through watching Japanese drama series. Four years ago, there was a Korean actor friend who asked me “Do you want to watch this?” and recommended to me Takuya Kimura’s Pride. “Japanese drama series are also very interesting” At the same time being attracted (by the drama), I thought “maybe I can also learn Japanese while watching it”. From then onwards, I also watched Masaharu Fukuyama’s Galileo, Love shuffle and other kinds of drama series.

At first, it was because of the similarity with Korean sentence structures that I feel familiar (towards the Japanese language). Whenever I came to Japan for vacations or works, I noticed the way of how Japanese emphasize on etiquette, it is similar to Korea, and hence the familiarity causes me to like Japanese more. Also, I can’t disregard how delicious the Japanese foods are. I especially like Tonkatsu don (Japanese Pork Cutlet rice), Sukiyaki (Japanese hot pot) and Sushi. Ramen is also delicious. All these I had mentioned are the foods I always eat whenever I come to Japan.

A slightly stubborn Blood Type B

Since young, I am a little stubborn (laugh).  How should I say? Maybe that’s because my blood type is B. In Korea, if a man is found out to be a blood type B, others will exclaim “You are blood type B?” and then that man will be thought to have a stubborn, nonchalant personality (laugh). However, from my own point of view, ever since I debuted in the entertainment industry, there are times I feel that I did not work hard enough, and there are times I feel that my beliefs were not all correct. These kinds of thoughts seem to be more towards to blood type O characteristics.

Then, about my character traits, it should be leadership. Sometimes, I will say “Follow me” this kind of speech. When traveling with my friends, I am the one who will usually initiate the topics like “Let’s go there today”, “Let’s go eat something”.  Therefore, even though previously I don’t like to be in the limelight, but when I think back the time when I was the student president in my middle school and high school, I find that I also enjoyed this kind of job. Hence, I am actually like to be the one who stand in front of others.

Hobbies are soccer and photography

I just started photography only recently. It is because one day, I realized “ah? I don’t have a single personal photo”. Nowadays, I always bring my camera along with me whenever I am out to capture the sceneries and people around me. I will also teach the people around me to use the camera and let them to take my photos. Soccer is a very popular sport in Korea; everyone was playing soccer in my school. Even now, I still meet up with my middle school friends, junior team VS senior team, to play soccer match during resting days. My position is striker. Because somehow I can’t seem to be able to kick the ball into the goal, and I am not good with other positions as well, I was warned before to “Just stay at the beside of the goal” (laugh). Actually, I like to do exercise, but I am not good with enduring sports. Therefore, I will try swim ,go to gyms or jog around Seoul’s Han River whenever I have the time.

Recommend places which are outside Seoul

If want to do a Korea guide for JUNON’s readers, I would recommends places which are outside Seoul. Korea is a country full of natural aura; Gangwon-do is surrounded with mountains, there is sea at the south. There are delicious foods in each area too. Especially Busan, along the Busan International Film Festival pathway, there is a long block of housing units selling ddeokboggi (Korean rice cake) kind of Korean snacks which only at around 900 won, less than 100 yen. There are plenty of cheap and delicious foods around that area. If you want to go for dating, you must go to Seoul’s Namsan definitely! After reaching the mountain peak, you can make a “never to be separated” promise together. There is also a place where you can connect two locks which cannot be open. That place is really romantic, I would recommend that.

Attracted by cute girls

My ideal woman is one who can take good care of other, caring towards me, good at cooking, and also have an invincible smile. If she has a cute side or talent, I will be attracted to her. Actually, I get “love at the first sight” very often. I don’t have an ideal looking or type of woman, but the common thing is that woman is pretty when she smiles.  For appearance, as long as I think she look cute is enough. I am a type of guy who will fall completely in love once I like someone. I will put myself in her shoe, always want to be with her, and want to let her eat delicious food.  Therefore, I will use the information about delicious food and shops I have collected previously, and bring my girlfriend there, maybe this will make us feel even closer.

Actually, I like shopping mall’s basement

I really like eating food. It gives me the basic sense of happiness. For example, when I found out any delicious food while working, I will bring back some and give them to my friends at Seoul. This may bring happiness to others, and when others are happy it makes me happy too.  I think these are the most sincere presents. Therefore, I also like the food street at Japanese shopping mall basement. Earlier, I wanted to buy some food with the staffs in the hotel, and the shop lady kept smiling at me. I still thought that “as expected, Japanese people are all very friendly”, then actually, that’s because she watched the drama series “Brilliant Legacy” before and recognized me. Of course I am happy about that. But because I bought quite a number of items, I feel a bit sorry (laugh). I also like cooking, but until now, people who tried before have the same reaction (laugh). My specialty dish can only be found in my family own recipe. After the pork is steamed, add in the secret soy sauce seasoning. This is the only dish that received positive comments.

Human and Nine tails fox love story drama series

The drama series “My girlfriend is nine tails fox” will be showing in Japan soon. It is a love story about a human and a nine tails fox, and is a drama which has comedy, actions and fantasy story. My character is a university student who doesn’t know any sufferings, and because of an accident he was entangled with the nine tail fox.  From being scared, feeling confused, wanted to run away no matter what, to being attracted by the naïveness of nine tails fox who is don’t know much about the human world. The main thing is romantic comedy, but there are also some funny and touching parts. I think it will be a drama which a lot of people will be interested in.

About the future activities in Japan, if there’s a chance, it doesn’t matter if it is singing, acting in Japanese drama series, or variety show, I am willing to try. I am already well prepared to try out different type of challenges!


Highlight section:

Because of one Japanese sentence “Dōzo yoroshiku” (Please to meet you), the whole JUNON team was knocked down!

“What kind of person is he?” caused a commotion with mixture of excitement, the JUNON team went to interview the Hallyu Star Lee Seunggi (That day happened to be all girls). With a gentle smile which can melt people’s heart, Lee seunggi used “Dōzo yoroshiku” (Please to meet you) to greet the team and they were completely charmed by him (heart).

Lee Seunggi who is still learning Japanese, is able to reply to the photographer’s request without the need of translator. Even his voice is very nice, hope to hear sing in Japanese!


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