Lee Seung Gi-Haru*Hana Interview

Keyword 1:

Photo shooting site report~~Serious and putting great effort in his work is the true side of him!

With regards to each question, he will answer them politely by looking directly at the person. His habits of using gestures as his manner of talking also gives people a very good impression of his efforts.People are impressed when during the process of shooting,he cleverly responds to the photographer’s request without needing any explanation .

Keyword 2:

Inspection of his personal item ~~ (refer to the photo above^^)

The things in his bag are  ’ the favourite sunglasses which I bought one week ago at New York’  ’Electronic notebook with translation features which is very effective for  learning the Japanese language’  ; Others include sportswear and digital camera which he always carry along.

Keyword 3:

《Kang and Lee Seung Gi’s Strong Heart》~Many different guests make their appearance on the show ,sharing their touching stories,secrets or funny situations in this popular talk show. Host the show together with his partner,well-known Mc Kang Ho Dong.His wit( humour) and excellent commentary has received the likes of many.

Keyword 4:

《Happy Sunday-1n2d》~~Together with members of different personalities in travel survival reality variety show.Because his natural image topple the image of the normal top student that has earned him the term of endearment- heodang.

Keyword 5 :

MGIG~~A romantic comedy about Korea’s Nine tailed fox who fall in love with a human causing commotion.Lee Seung Gi’s character, Cha Dae Woong is a university student whose dream is to become an action star.During the year end drama awards,he received the Excellence in acting, Top 10 stars and best couple award.

Keyword 6:

《Brilliant Legacy》~~Lee Seung Gi plays an arrogant and spoiled rich man’s son,he meets the bright and optimistic lead actress and thus the growing storyline becomes complicated. The drama attains a high viewership rating of 47.1% at Korea and also achieve a high popularity after it was broadcast at Japan’s Fuji Tv.

Keyword 7:

Profile ~~Born on 13th January 87. Debuted as a singer in year 2004 with the song《Because you’re my woman》。Debuted as an actor in the drama 《Nonstop 5》in the same year.Still continuing his studies in graduate school (of Dongguk university) while carrying out his entertainment activities. Young man with good etiquettes,also known as ‘Nation’s younger brother’. Currently he is endorsing 9 cfs at Korea.



Credit : lsgairenint

Eng translation lsgairenint based on chinese translation of 卤宝 at china cafe


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