‘2D1N’ LSG shinning actively! ‘Truly genius world’s new star’ compliment


LSG’s smart brain has became a topic. ‘2D1N’ broadcasted on 20/3 had the 6 members to deliver teddy bear to Ulleungdo as their first mission.

YB team is Lee Seung Gi,Eun Ji Won and Kim Jong Min; OB team is Kang Ho Dong,Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Su Guen.They left for Ulleungdo from Port Mo ko and Port Po Hang.After some intense struggling only Kim Jong Min and Uhm Tae Woong’s teddy bear weren’t taken away fom them.

YB team who wanted to know OB team situation raised an emergency proposal to PD Na.PD Na against YB team only survivor,Kim Jong Min in a game of mukjippa ,if Kim Jong Min loses, the balance of their pocket money will be return to PD Na but if Jong Min wins,PD Na must materialize Jong Min’s wish.

As a result,Kim Jong Min won.Lee Seung Gi suggested/gave tips to Jong Min to take PD Na’s handphone,and used PD Na’s handphone to message OB’s team main author. ‘How is the sutuation?’ ‘Who failed’ Even imitating PD Na’s tone and sent the message.

In the end,OB team’s main author replied ‘Only left Uhm Tae Woong alone’,” Therefore,YB Team received an advanced information.

This result which is due to Seung Gi ‘s smart brain made him the ’ genius world’s new star’.Members and production team were surprised.
The audience said ’ Sure enough,he is Lee Seung Gi.The real genius world new star’‘LSG won’t die. This is a result of 5 years in entertainment world experience’ ’SG really played well. Really surprised’ praising Lee Seung Gi.

credit: lsgairenint

source : newsen


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