Lee Seung Gi Ranked 1st in Best Entertainment Idol Poll

EZ Day (www.ezday.co.kr), an Internet portal website, conducted a poll on “Who is No.1 Entertainment Idol?” All-round entertainer Lee Seung Gi won the poll with 28% votes. 2AM Cho Kwon came nect with 21%. SHINee’s Onew was ranked 3rd with 11%, and SuJu Lee Teuk 4th with 8%.

19 idols were listed in the poll, including SuJu Kim Heechul, Beast Lee Kikwang, SNSD Taeyeon, ZE:A Kwanghee, DBSK Y-know Yunho, Big Bang Seungri, KARA Koo Hara, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha.

1,149 people participated in the poll that lasted for 7 days from Feb. 28 to Mar. 6. 24% (286) of the participants were men and 76% (863) were women. 15% (175) were in 20s, 39% (450) in 30s, and 29% (344) in 40s. The percentage of women in 30s~40s was high.

[from Union Press]

Trans by jujugal

Credit : Daily K Pop News, leeseunggiworld


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